Fresh Healthy Cafe in your School

Are you looking for food and drink options for your students that are as good for their bodies as they are for their taste buds? Look no further than FRESH – Healthy Café!

school-lunch-programOur goal at FRESH is to make nutrition delicious, quick and convenient. With our commitment to freshness and quality, our pure fruit smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and delectable wraps and paninis are a hit with students, parents and teachers alike.

Our smoothies are our premier menu items. Our original blends of various fruits, fresh juices, yogurt and 100% fruit sorbet give your students everything they need to live a healthy lifestyle. The smoothies not only taste fantastic, but also contain a quarter pound of fruit, providing all five recommended daily fruits and vegetables in a single serving. Combine it with a half wrap, and you’ve got a lunch that can’t be beat.

School Programs

At FRESH – Healthy Café, we can set a program up to fit the needs of your school. We can serve 10 smoothies or 500 smoothies, as well as any number of wraps or paninis. We can arrange for delivery or have them ready for pick-up.

Our smoothies also come to your school at a discounted price, allowing each school to earn monies from the sale. It’s a perfect opportunity for your school to meet some of your fund-raising objectives while providing your students with a meal that will leave them feeling energized and ready to tackle their afternoon classes.

For more information, or to arrange for FRESH – Healthy Café to visit your school, please contact us.